Under the Weather

Today was the day that I intended to drive up to Jupiter Island and photograph the lighthouse there, in order to test out my new Nikon D800. Yesterday morning, I started to come down with a nasty cold and by evening I was just miserable, so it looks like I’m going to be spending the entire evening on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and watching movies and Kelby Training videos.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll visiter Jupiter.


Smoky Mountain Creek

While spending a couple days in the Smoky Mountains two weeks ago with Bill Fortney, we climbed down an embankment by the side of the road in Tremont, to photograph this unique waterfall from a not-so-ordinary perspective.

Bill and I were seated on the rock in the foreground of this photo while photographing the waterfall. While climbing from the embankment to the rock, I slipped and wound up ankle-deep in the water. Fortunately, Bill was already seated on the rock and was holding my camera and tripod for me.

New camera

My friendly UPS driver delivered a brank spankin’ new Nikon D800 to my door a couple days ago. I’m still reading the manual (yes, I’m one of the oddballs who actually reads the manual), getting used to the new camera controls, and setting the menu settings to my taste.

I have a Really Right Stuff L-plate on order which should be delivered tomorrow, which means at that time I’ll be able to mount my camera on a tripod. That almost seems an absolute necessity to me for shooting at a whopping 36.3 megapixels.

So far, I like everything I see with this new camera, except when autofocusing with the Nikkor 28-300 lens it makes a bit of a strange scraping sound. I’ve tested with the Nikkor 24-70 and that sound isn’t there, so it appears as though it’s an issue specific to the 28-300. That same 28-300 on my D700 doesn’t make the noise, so I’m fairly confident that there is no debris floating around inside my lens that is causing the noise.

Time will tell, but I think this is going to make for a sweet landscape camera.

Wormsloe Plantation

Last week, on our way to the Smoky Mountains, my wife Ali and I spent a couple days in Savannah, Georgia, where I took this photograph of the drive leading into Wormsloe Plantation. This photo was made around 9:10 AM, just after the plantation opened at 9:00. By arriving early on a cloudy day, I was able to get this shot before the drive was filled with vehicles and their dust.