BMX Bike Practice

Last night I went over to Okeeheelee BMX and photographed some of the practice that they were having. It was my first time at the track, and I spent a couple hours there with my photographer friend Gonzo, until we got rained out.

Still, I managed to come away with some great images, one of which is below. Saturday morning Gonzo and I are planning to go back and photograph a daytime practice, with the hopes of photographing a race soon.

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

The rain this past week prevented me from doing two shoots which I was looking to. First, I was planning to shoot some BMX bikers on the track; and second, I was planning to shoot the sunrise at the beach.

Rain every day interfered with my plans, but I have a new plan to shoot at the BMX track tomorrow evening. Hopefully the weather will be a little drier!

Labor Day Weekend in Tampa

My wife Ali and I just got back home from a little two-day getaway to Tampa, FL. We purchased annual passes to Busch Gardens back in April of this year and they expire on December 31st, so we figured we’d take advantage of the long weekend and drive over for a couple days.

Of course I took some photography gear with me, and I spent a few hours in Busch Gardens on Saturday, photographing zebras, giraffes, flamingos, and cheetahs using my 200-400 lens. I’ve had very little experience with this lens so far, so I’m still trying to get up to speed with it. Here are a couple photos which I quite like of a cheetah chasing a feather on a string at top speed. The photos actually¬†aren’t tack sharp when viewed at 100%, but reduced to web size, they’re not bad.


We also spent a few hours at Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg on Sunday, where I lay on the sand and tried my hand at shooting shore birds with the 200-400. Here I had much better success, and these are two of my favorite images from that location.