Editor’s Choice on PhotoshopUser.com

Larry Becker, judge of last week’s Photo of the Week contest on PhotoshopUser.com, awarded me an Editor’s Choice Award for a photo I uploaded there:

“A bird at or near the waters’ edge isn’t especially hard to capture and unless you’re a bird watcher, these kinds of images aren’t always engaging. Eric Harmon’s piece Fort DeSoto Shorebird is both engaging and artistic, and having shot countless birds myself, I know this is such a strong image because Eric has a master level of camera skill. The bird is almost entirely within the depth of field and just about everything else is fully out of focus. The bokeh looks like jewels at the horizon line and the reflection is smooth and beautiful, but not distracting. My favorite thing is the complete lack of detail in the background and the beautiful, soft distant background and foreground. This is a strong image!”

This is the image that the award was given for:

Fort DeSoto Shorebird

Wash and Wear?

My wife just came into my office holding my ThinkTank Pixel Pocket Rocket. She said, “Honey, look what I found in your shorts pocket after doing laundry.”

My heart sank. I opened the CF card case and looked inside. My three oldest cards were in there, including two 8 GB SanDisk Exteme IVs and an 8 GB SanDisk Ultra. Fortunately, my 32GB and 16GB cards were either in my cameras or in a card reader attached to my camera.

The card holder was still slightly damp. It had been through the complete wash cycle, as well as 10 minutes or so of the dryer cycle. I tried each of the cards in turn in my card reader, and all three of them were readable and showed no errors. I’m not 100% sure I’d trust them right now for something critical, but at least they appear to be ok.

This isn’t an endorsement for a new way to clean your CF cards, but it’s a testament to the fact that these cards can withstand water and heat, at least for a short period of time, and still work!

High School Football Photos

Friday evening I attended the football game between The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach and Calvary Christian Academy, hoping to be able to get some great football images. As I didn’t have a press pass, I had to shoot outside the fence, which made it considerably more difficult to get a clear shot of the action (everyone from football players to cheerleaders to coaches to other photographers were between me and the field).

I did, however, snag a couple images in the first quarter that are worth posting.

I don’t know a lot about football, but I think grabbing another player’s helmet like this is frowned upon
That’s going to hurt when he comes down on that elbow…

I left after the first quarter due to the less-than-desirable shooting conditions. Next time I’ll see about getting a pass ahead of time.